About Us

TRISTAR GROUP is a business group supporting the tourism industry that is integrated into one that handles education and training, hospitality and trading business (trading commerce). Before this business group grew to what it is today, the founder and owner of TRISTAR GROUP, with a chemistry graduate background, MIPA-CHEMICAL Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, initially started a trading business for food chemicals and cosmetics (beauty) with the Tristar Chemical flag in 2008 ago.

From here then it grew, after Tristar Chemical served courses in making soap, shampoo, laundry fragrance and so on. As time goes by, it becomes more varied and liked by the community, including cooking courses (culinary), making bread and various cakes (pastry/patisserie). In addition to providing various courses to the community, it turns out that not a few customers need equipment to open a home-scale business (home industry) after they take the course. Seizing this lucrative opportunity, the new business unit Tristar Machinery was born. Tristar Machinery provides a variety of cooking utensils (food machinery) from A to Z. Besides domestic production, cooking utensils and accessories must also be imported from China, Japan, Europe, and even imported from the United States.

The stretching of the course agenda, the demand for cooking ingredients and cooking utensils are increasing rapidly, after establishing the Tristar Culinary Institute in 2008. Initially, this institution only opened skills education with a concentration in the culinary and pastry fields. Education is equivalent to the D1 program.
Three years later, on November 29, 2011, to be exact, the Majapahit Tourism Academy was launched. This new institution under TRISTAR GROUP focuses on educating students equivalent to D3 with two excellent study programs, namely Hospitality and Travel Business (UPW). Finally, Tristar Institute BSD was established in 2013.

Our Vision

Become Culinary Education Center and create culinary entrepreneurs who have the national competitiveness

Our Mission

  1. Organizing skill-oriented education that produces Professional and nationally competitive human resources.
  2. Organizing vocational education with accessible national quality standards equally by the community.
  3. Development expansion of cooperation networks with industry.
  4. Improving the quality and variety of research.
  5. Carry out community service through various culinary training.

Major in Tristar Institute BSD

  • The Professional Program is specifically designed to serve the needs of students who want to
    fast to work, with and study period of 1 (one) year, through teaching and learning process 9
    (nine) months on campus, can be added 3-6 (three to six) months in industry
    – Culinary
    – Pastry & bakery
  • The Diploma III program is specifically designed to meet the needs of industry-based
    on skill capabilities with competency standards in the field of Hospitality operations. Para
    graduates of this program will obtain the professional designation Associate Expert in Tourism (A.Md
    Par) with a study period of 3 (three) years, through a teaching and learning process of 2.5 (two)
    half) years on campus, and 6 (six) months in related industries.
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